Version 2.1


IMPORTANT: If Keyboard Ninja crashes, run it in Windows 98 compatibility mode! See notes below.

Keyboard Ninja can be downloaded in the following packages:

   Typical (russian/english language support):

790 KB

Full (all supported languages) 1.2 МБ
Base (language files must be downloaded separately) 340 КБ
Language packs for the base version:
Russian (auto-switch, auto-correct, help, interface) 260 КБ
English (auto-switch, auto-correct) 226 КБ
French (auto-switch, auto-correct) 65 КБ
Spanish (auto-switch, auto-correct) 74 КБ
German (auto-switch only)

63 КБ

Italian (auto-switch only) 90 КБ
Ukrainian (auto-switch only) 147 КБ


To install the program, simply extract the contents of the archive into the folder of your choice. If you are installing the base version with language packs, language packs must be extracted into the same folder. The program will ignore language files if the language is not installed in your system. You need to restart the program after adding new languages to the system and/or adding new language support files.

Known problems

If Ninja terminates with Runtime error 204 you need to set the "Windows 98" compatibiliy mode:

1. In the File Explorer right-click on the installed Ninja.exe and choose "Properties"
2. Switch to the "Compatibility" tab
3. Check "Run this program in compatibility mode" and select "Windows 98" from the list.
4. Click "OK"

Setting the compatibility mode is recommended and may solve other problems as well.

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